Mark & Casey | Engaged

September 27, 2020

Mark and Casey have become special friends to Zack and me over the last few years, and it’s an honor that they’ve chosen us to be their photographers as well as members of their wedding party. I guess I should start at the beginning; Zack met Mark and Casey while they were all working at a local medical transport company while they were all in school. Mark and Casey weren’t dating at that time, but they were all coworkers and becoming good friends. Zack and Mark started to develop a little bromance and quickly became good friends, but I didn’t get to meet Casey until after they started dating. I didn’t really know Casey until about two years ago when I hosted her graduation party at our house. She is a kind and gentle spirit, which is the perfect match for Mark’s busy and rambunctious energy.

Zack became a paramedic/firefighter, Casey became a nurse, and Mark became an EMT/firefighter… so yes, I’m the odd one out. The number of medical conversations that happen when we hang out is hard to keep track of, but because of my love of true crime and Grey’s Anatomy, I tend to keep up okay. Casey and Zack are pickier eaters while Mark and I will eat almost anything, so it works out perfectly for our double dates. We also have the pleasure of being neighbors to Mark and Casey because they rent our little house from us, which makes life so much fun because we always have friends close by. Zack and I are thankful to be “mom” and “dad” to these two, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are so excited for their wedding in a little over 2 weeks and even more excited to see what God will do with these two!



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