I didn't always know that i wanted to be a photographer, but I did always know how much I loved photography. My grandparents are nature photographers and I have always been enamored with their work. My mom gave me my digital camera when I was 14 and I fell in love. Not until my freshman year of college did I realize that this is what I wanted to do with my life. So now, here I am. Living my dream. And now, my amazing husband Zack is in on the dream too! 

Zack and I are a husband and wife photography team (whenever he's not out saving lives as a amazing paramedic/firefighter). He's the most incredible man in the world. We both adore weddings. No, not just because of the free cake (although, we could eat cake for breakfast, so it's a plus!), but because of how much love and excitement there is.

We live in Lynchburg, Virginia and we live in a beautiful 108 year old traditional white house. We fell in love with sprawling wrap-around porch and the second floor balcony that boasts a view of the Blue-Ridge Mountains.

We have THE sweetest fur babies in the entire world, Brodie, Brynlie and Bella. Brodie is our 6 year old Maltese and 8 pounds of the sweetest cuddles. He will always be my baby. That little pup has a special place in my heart. I got Brodie before Zack and I got married. Brynlie is our 1 year old mini poodle and she keeps us on our toes! She's full of energy and she's too smart for her own good. Bella is our outdoor kitty, and she keeps us safe from the bugs and critters. And I promise you that you've never seen a pup love a cat as much as Brynlie loves Bella.

Zack... where to begin. To say that I am lucky to be loved by this man would be an understatement. He's a gentle, patient and loving man who spends his life saving others. Zack is a paramedic firefighter with the city of Lynchburg and is always doing what he can to better himself to better protect and serve others. 

When I'm not photographing weddings, I am an Instructor Professor of graphic design at Liberty University. I have my Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Photography and I love that I get to live my life surrounded by
art and those who love it.

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