Jordan & Lottie | Engaged

November 7, 2019

I’ll never get over the fact that I have the best job. I get to meet all kinds of people online and it leads to real relationships. Lottie and I chatted online as we prepped for their engagement session and we settled on the Peaks of Otter Lodge. The weather on Saturday was gorgeous. A little chilly, a bit windy but beautifully sunny with gorgeous fall colors. Even though there were lots of people around, Jordan and Lottie are so relaxed, up for anything and they trusted me. It’s hard enough to feel comfortable having your pictures taken in normal situations, but these two made it easy even in the midst of a busy park and the gusty wind.

Even though their wedding is around 13 months away (I am thrilled to shoot at their venue, it is absolutely stunning), I cannot wait to spend more time with these two and get to know them even better!



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