Daniel & Hailey | Engaged

March 21, 2019

This is a weird post for me to write… my brother is engaged and getting married in August. I mean… what?! It feels like he’s still my annoying little 13-year-old brother (still annoying, but definitely not 13 anymore). I remember telling friends that I hope Daniel picks a good girl because I was going to be extra picky. To be honest, I couldn’t have picked someone better for Daniel. Hailey challenges him, loves him, brings out the best in him and forces him to have fun when he’s being a grumpy old man.

Daniel and Hailey came up to Lynchburg for their engagement session. We just moved into a new house and they knew I wouldn’t have time to travel; so they were excited to visit! They love to hike and spend time outside, so we wanted to pick somewhere extra beautiful and we found just that. Cole Mountain was absolutely gorgeous. We might have almost died “hiking” up there and it was much colder than we anticipated, but we all powered through it. They were such troopers… at least I could wear a jacket.

The sunset was perfect and we only saw 5 people the entire time we were up there. Thank goodness we packed a picnic because we were all straving by the end of it. Hailey and I can be a bit dramatic and Daniel just rolls his eyes. I love to annoy my brother in little ways and that’s just one of them. Hailey is friends with some of my best friends from high school and I love that not only does Hailey love my brother but she also loves some of my dearest friends. Hailey is a generous, caring, creative and wonderful woman. She loves my pups as much as I do and even more importantly, she loves The Office as much as I do. I am so proud of these two and I’m thankful that they are my family. We are all so excited for their wedding in August!



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