Ansel Adams

"You don't take a photograph.
You make it." 

I didn't always know that i wanted to be a photographer, but I did always know how much I loved photography. My grandparents are nature photographers and I have always been enamored with their work. My mom gave me my digital camera when I was 14 and I fell in love. Not until my freshman year of college did I realize that this is what I wanted to do with my life. So now, here I am. Living my dream. And now, my amazing husband Zack is in on the dream too! 

Zack and I are a husband and wife photography team (whenever he's not out saving lives as a fancy paramedic/firefighter). He's pretty cool. We are obsessed with weddings. No, not just because of the free cake (although, we could (and do) eat cake for breakfast, so it's a plus!), but because of how much love and excitement there is.

We live in Lynchburg, Virginia and we bought the cutest little mint bungalow you've ever seen over two years ago. I still can't believe we got our dream house. It's so much fun being a homeowner!

We have THE cutest fur babies in the entire world, Brodie and Bella. Brodie is a 4 years old Maltese and 7 pounds of pure joy and energy. He loves everyone and can snuggle like a champpp! Bella is our outdoor kitty, she's our little exterminator... saving us from all kinds of gross critters and bugs! Both Zack and I are allergic, but we love her no matter what. ;)

Zack is a paramedic firefighter with the city of Lynchburg and I received my Master of Fine Art in Graphic Design and Photography (YAY!!). I teaching graphic design classes with Liberty University and hope to begin dabbling in photography education in the near future! I'm obsessed with baking and cooking and I can make delicious and beautiful macarons... my favorite dessert in the entire world!! I love decorating and designing things of all sorts. Ohhhh and I collect miniature things. The tinier, the better!


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